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Over the last few years, the spirits and wine market has witnessed substantial growth across the Indian subcontinent, with the current market value estimated at 300 cr. Catering to this industry vertical, we provide end to end bottling lines and packaging solutions for various market requirements. Our range of equipment is designed to provide a line output of upto 180bpm with semi-automatic lines & 300bpm with high speed lines.


    • Ap Met Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
    • Gwalior Distiller Pvt. Ltd.
    • United Spirtis Ltd.
    • Pernord Ricard
    • Bacardi India
    • Sentini Beverages
    • Bhatia Wine
    • Solkit Distillery
    • Khodays India Ltd.
    • Tilaknagar Industries Ltd.
    • Radico Khaiten
    • N V Distillery
    • Chandigarh Distillery
    • Liquiors India Ltd.
    • Allied Blenders & Distillers